The Committee members of Carmarthen U3A are elected at the Annual General Meeting usually held in May.
The current members are:

Andrew Padfield

After a few years in legal practice, with clients ignoring my advice and doing things I had counselled them not to do, I decided that teaching students would be easier. I therefore spent the best part of 40 years doing that in Newport. In 2013 I decided that it was time to finally leave education and sold the family home. Having spent many happy summers in Carmarthen as a boy with an aunt and uncle, I moved here. When I retired my work colleagues assured me that I would soon be bored. So far, that has not proved to be the case!
Marie Geary
Vice Chairperson

After completing a degree in Botany and Zoology at Cardiff University, I worked in the City of London for two years before starting my teaching career in Northern Ireland. When I moved back to England, most of my teaching career was completed in large Sussex comprehensives. I came to Wales twenty years ago and my husband and I bred sheep and llamas for about ten years. The farm has now been sold and I live in Carmarthen.

Sandra Steel
Membership Secretary
I originate from West Sussex and moved to West Midlands where I lived and
 worked (Civil Service) in Coventry, Wolverhampton and Birmingham.  I moved
 to Wales after retiring following many years of holidaying at friends' homes
 in the Aberaeron area.  I decided Carmarthen would be a good fit for me as I
 often visited the town and I always liked it.  I moved here in 2011 and have been happily settled here since then. Also I’m involved in the Friends of Carmarthenshire County Museum and I’ve been learning Welsh.
Hazel Drew
After retiring from the Civil Service, and our four children now adult and flown the nest, we found ourselves in the wrong house in the wrong place. We looked to downsize in the North Essex/Suffolk area but didn’t see what we wanted so eventually came to Wales in April 1994. Carmarthen U3A was born in September 1994 and we were founder members. I have served on the committee, on and off, in various capacities since then.
Judy Taylor
Speaker Organiser

I worked as a library assistant in south London for several years. My husband worked as a park manager with the Greater London Council . When the Council was abolished we decided to live in the country. We moved to a run-down cottage in Cynwyl Elfed in 1986. A teacher friend introduced me to Carmarthen U3A and I have never looked back!

I am now a member of the committee. My particular contribution is to organise the speakers for the Monthly Meeting and liaise regarding their requirements.

Mike Perry
After a number of years teaching in England, my wife and I plus two infant children decided to opt out in 1977 and moved to Trelech. After five years we moved nearer to Carmarthen and started an antique business which fed us for the next thirty five years. When antique dealing became a game on television we thought it time to retire. I now live on my own in Carmarthen.

Charles Griffen
Committee Member
We moved to Wales in 1982 to see if we could set up from scratch and run an organic smallholding. This we did for some 15 years, until my ME caused us to admit defeat. But we did pretty well, considering. The kids loved it, which was half the point.
I then wrote a couple of books about our experiences, which just about supported us for a year or two. A couple more books followed, including one not yet complete on what might loosely be called 'philosophy'.
We left the farm three years ago for somewhere less demanding. We are currently enjoying trying to create a garden out of a patch of sloshy clay.
Kath Regan
Committee Member
Originally from the North East of England, Married my late husband in Wiltshire, in 1960. We moved to Wales in 1972. 3 children, 4 grandchildren 3 great grandchildren. Worked as a nurse in Glangwili hospital from 1972-1984 and in Priory Street Hospital from 1984-1995 when I retired. 

Peter Loughran
I am a relatively new member of Carmarthen U3A but have been asked to help with digital matters. This includes setting up a new digital group which meets once a month in CAVS and also helping with the new website which will soon replace the site based on the national platform. I am looking forward to contributing to the use of digital approaches within the organisation.
Shirley Collins
Network Representative

Shirley moved to Wales in 1990. Prior to that she worked as a WREN, secretary and  district nurse. She has one son and two grandchildren. She has been widowed since 2013 but now enjoying life again with U3A etc!

Shirley is a new and enthusiastic member of the committee. She is the Network Representative and her role is to attend regional network meetings which involves  2-way reporting about developments and facilitating occasional local hosting of meetings for the Network