Founding member celebrates a ‘big birthday’

Founding members of Carmarthen U3A, Betty and Peter Marshall, celebrated Betty’s big day at the Falcon Hotel in Lammas Street. They were joined by her son Mark and friends from U3A.

Due to COVID her birthday celebration had been delayed from February. This was their first real opportunity to have a party with friends indoors. The afternoon tea was a real treat!

Peter and friends
Betty and friends

Annual General Meeting

Dear fellow members,

As you know due to the pandemic much of the U3A’s activities have been curtailed for over a year but the good news is that we’re now looking to gear up in anticipation of better times. The necessary but much delayed AGM has been rescheduled for Friday 4th June albeit a virtual AGM via Zoom. Letters and emails have been sent out advising of the meeting with papers to be made available along with the Zoom link for those able to ‘attend’. The present Chair, Treasurer and Secretary  will be stepping down with nominations for their replacement welcomed – so don’t be shy and do join us.

Chas Griffin, Interim Chair

Group Leaders – an update

Poetry – update 

Since the middle of March 2020 members of the group have been sending me their favourite poems and I have been sending them out to all the members on a Poem-a-Day basis by email. So far, we have not missed a day.

That amounts to approximately 430 emails and as some of the poems were quite short, some emails contained more than one poem.

The aim is to keep it up until we can recite our poems to each other on a face to face basis as we did before.

Terry Cook, group leader, May 2021

Jazz Appreciation Group – an update

 To make sure we keep in touch and have some music to listen to during the lockdown I have been sending out two jazz records a week to all our group members by email for over a year. Using email for this has both advantages and disadvantages. It means that members can listen to the tracks whenever they wish without having to set time aside to Zoom and they can save  any track they particularly like. The disadvantage is that many of the more modern recordings are too “large” to send via email.

Luckily, I have an extensive collection of CDs, mostly fairly old. Just  like me!  With a bit of luck, I shall find enough to keep us going until we can all accumulate in my lounge as of old.

Terry Cook, group leader,  May 2021

Philosophy Group – the leader’s reflections

What might a philosopher take from this extraordinary year of panic, tragedy and lockdown? Many things, I think.

Here are just a few that strike me.

*A lot of people have reconsidered their lifestyle. Is hectic 24/7 money-grabbing such a good idea after all? Might a little more peace and contentment be a better option?

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