Carmarthen and the Suffrage Movement

At the February meeting, Mary Thorley give a talk on ‘Carmarthen and the Suffrage Movement’.

She had several amusing posters on the subject, one entitled ‘the angel of the house’, the House of Commons, another by an American professor. This was ‘The Half Woman’.

One point put forward was that any type of man got the vote!

Some men were supportive. There was a men’s deputation supported by George Lansbury, a liberal.

The census in 1911 was very inaccurate. Women refused to add their names, ‘no vote, no census’.

Mary explained about the Cat and Mouse Act and suffragette, Emily Wilding Davison, being killed by the King’s horse at the Derby. There was a United States suffrage movement and Muriel Matters was an Australian suffragette. In Carmarthen ‘the Women’s Suffrage’ society was founded in 1911.

Richard Barrett was quite prominent and was born in Carmarthen.

Sylvia Pankhurst‘s great granddaughter Helen is very proud of her great grandmother.

After the First World War women over 30 had the vote.

Welsh Group report

March 13th saw the first meeting of Carmarthen U3A’s Welsh group held at Yr Atom in King Street. The Manager, Angharad Harding, spoke to us about how we might progress as a mixed ability group saying she would be pleased to help us.

She outlined a programme whereby the group might meet at Yr Atom but go out for coffee, visit the library and the gallery and also go to shops to try out a few Welsh phrases in the real world. She suggested a very informal approach, learning the language that local people actually spoke and doing it in a social situation. It seemed a great idea; so we will meet again at 10am on Tuesday April 10th at Yr Atom. We have plenty of space for members to join the group. You can be an absolute beginner or a fluent Welsh speaker. Join us – I think we will all have fun!

coffi a sgwrs

Report by Mike Perry

Welsh Group

A new Welsh Group is being set up by Carmarthen U3A following recent expressions of interest. The first meeting will be held at Yr Atom in King Street, Carmarthen on Tuesday 13th March starting at 10.30am. Group will be suitable for complete learners and those who have been learning for some time. All are welcome. Croeso i Bawb.

For more information about Yr Atom and the facilities check out the website