Message from the Chairman

You may remember that Lewis Carrol`s walrus famously remarked that “The time has come to talk of many things”. You will be relieved to know that I do not wish to talk of many things. One thing will be sufficient. At last month`s meeting I asked that you give serious consideration to joining the committee.

At our AGM in May we shall need a new Secretary and a new Treasurer as Marie and Sandra have said that they do not wish to serve in their current roles after May. Coincidentally, my term of office as Chairman also expires in May and, according to the constitution, it cannot be renewed.

As Carmarthen U3A is a registered charity, charity law requires that there be both a secretary and a treasurer. The same person cannot hold both positions. May might seem a long way in the future but, as a famous hymn reminds us, time is like an ever-rolling stream. If there are no nominations for the Secretary and Treasurer posts by the AGM, then Carmarthen U3A will automatically cease to exist.

I think it would be a pity if that were to happen. Once again, therefore, may I ask that you consider putting your name forward.

Andrew Padfield, Chairman, Carmarthen U3A