Mike Perry on Moving to Wales (creative writing group)

When Dylan Thomas lived in Laugharne he described some of the inhabitants who lived there in his own cynical way. “Some were immigrants, some just got off the bus and stayed, some just came and disappeared, some wandered the streets bemused and some came to escape the police or England.”

Why do people from England move to Wales? It really can’t be for the climate and I doubt very much if it is for the culture and language which they seem to know, very little or nothing about. I sometimes ask myself how I finished up ending my days here. Of course, I know, if one has owned property in England returning will see an immediate decline in what one can purchase. Moving to Wales is often a one-way ticket.

However, for many of those that have remained here and some have raised families; we have come to love everything about the place. Some have even been known to support the national rugby team and even do a better job than John Redwood, ex Secretary for Wales, in singing along in Welsh to the National Anthem.

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Message from the Secretary

Message from Marie 

Please could all Group Leaders send me a short resume of  the group’s activities for the past year. This is on the assumption that, in the  not too distant future, we will have an AGM. They can email or post it.

My email address  is   marie.geary@btopenworld.com    Sandra will give out my physical address if anyone is having IT problems. 

Hope you are all keeping well and finding enough to do in the lockdown.

Best wishes