Discussion Group – Update

The discussion group is an activity run with the intention of encouraging and stimulating learning by the very important activity of group communication. The wide varieties of topics are carefully chosen with the intention of challenging preconceptions by the exchange of ideas and after thoroughly shaking up the subject to gain understanding and insight into it.

The group meetings are held as a creative and dynamic activity designed to provoke reflective thinking among the members. The discussions are sometimes deep and meaningful or perhaps light and cheery but they are always an excuse to hang a good conversation on. It is a unique opportunity to air your opinions within a friendly and appreciative group!

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The Reawakening of Carmarthen U3A!

After the long months of lockdown Carmarthen U3A is bracing for the restart of activities. An interim committee is now in place and we are sorting out the transition to the new ‘normal’!

But first we will be having the AGM, delayed because of the pandemic. Exciting times ahead. Calling all members to attend the AGM – we need a good showing and we definitely need a quorum! Do come along – via Zoom, of course.

Covid 19 – message from the Chairmanm

Dear Carmarthen U3A members

I think in the circumstances that it is obvious that we are unlikely to be able to hold any meetings for at least the next couple of months. 

This means that we are unlikely to be able to hold the AGM in May as we would normally do and so the current officers will need to continue in their roles until we can arrange a new AGM, probably in October.

I am hopeful that we may be able to restart meetings from July, but this will obviously depend on the situation at the time.  I will keep you informed as and when more information is available.

We will however still need people to volunteer to join the committee and take over from those who are ready to relinquish their roles.  Please consider this carefully, bearing in mind that if there are no volunteers for secretary and treasurer then the entire Carmarthen organisation will have to be wound up.

Keep safe and well

Andrew Padfield, Chairman, Carmarthen U3A