Group Leaders – an update

Music Appreciation / Music At Melodi Fach

Our sessions usually consist of eleven or twelve members bringing a pile of cds   Patrick will then play the indicated   track. In turn we each give it a score and a brief review.

Half way through we have a tea and cake break. Unfortunately, we have a fraction of the accommodation we could offer at Melodi (our previous home) – so we hope we can meet in more comfortable accommodation in the future. If someone would like to  join us who can offer more comfort we would be very grateful and would love to hear from you. We meet on the last Sunday of the month.

Betty Marshall, Group leader,  May 2021

Walking Group

Due the pandemic the walking group, like other groups, has not been active for well over a year. Prior to this the group was quite busy and managed to walk nearly every month. We were very pleased that many of our members had completed the Welsh Coast Path from Amroth in Pembrokeshire to Loughor Bridge in Swansea. Then onwards around the Gower to finish at Mumbles Pier. Over the years the group has walked various routes in all parts of Carmarthenshire and other areas in Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion.

Nice comment from one of the walkers ”

The u3a walking group has been very important to me, and I would like to express my sincere thanks to Eric and Jenny for their commitment over many years. Their planning of suitable walks, checking routes, bus timetables etc and ensuring suitable lunch venues has been fantastic. So in addition to the known health benefits of countryside walking, the social aspects of belonging to this group has been so enjoyable”
Best foot forward with Carmarthen U3A

At this point Jenny and I feel it is time to give up being group leaders. We have done this for many years – now  there needs to be a change of leadership! We will offer help and support to anyone who wishes to take over. I feel it’s important that the group continues because it has been proven that walking is beneficial for physical and mental health.

Eric and Jenny Anscombe, Group Leaders, May 2021

Art Group – an update (2020 – 21)

We are a welcoming , friendly group.  We have fun and learn from each other whilst following our own inclinations  regarding subjects or mediums to use.  All abilities are welcome.

In normal life, before the lockdowns, lock ins, and lockups, we met on Wednesday mornings  every two weeks at Cartref Cynnes  [Llanstefan Road, Johnstown] in the designated Craft Room.   The centre is a pleasant new build with very good facilities for residents and visitors including parking.  There is a restaurant, small shop, hairdressers  and a large multifunction lounge where many other activities take place.   I hope all this will be reinstated.

Artist in residence!

Once the centre indicates willingness to reopen in the near future I hope to renegotiate our terms of use  on the same or a similar pattern.  Residents of the centre  are also welcome to join us.

The  craft room accommodates 8-10 comfortably, more than this gets a bit squishy.

New members are welcome and taster sessions are included.

For more information send email to

Chris Driver, Group leader, May 2021

Poetry – update 

Since the middle of March 2020 members of the group have been sending me their favourite poems and I have been sending them out to all the members on a Poem-a-Day basis by email. So far, we have not missed a day.

That amounts to approximately 430 emails and as some of the poems were quite short, some emails contained more than one poem.

The aim is to keep it up until we can recite our poems to each other on a face to face basis as we did before.

Terry Cook, group leader, May 2021

Jazz Appreciation Group – an update

 To make sure we keep in touch and have some music to listen to during the lockdown I have been sending out two jazz records a week to all our group members by email for over a year. Using email for this has both advantages and disadvantages. It means that members can listen to the tracks whenever they wish without having to set time aside to Zoom and they can save  any track they particularly like. The disadvantage is that many of the more modern recordings are too “large” to send via email.

Luckily, I have an extensive collection of CDs, mostly fairly old. Just  like me!  With a bit of luck, I shall find enough to keep us going until we can all accumulate in my lounge as of old.

Terry Cook, group leader,  May 2021

Philosophy Group – the leader’s reflections

What might a philosopher take from this extraordinary year of panic, tragedy and lockdown? Many things, I think.

Here are just a few that strike me.

*A lot of people have reconsidered their lifestyle. Is hectic 24/7 money-grabbing such a good idea after all? Might a little more peace and contentment be a better option?

*Many more have suddenly realised that consumerism is literally killing the planet, and have decided to take positive personal steps toward reducing consumption of Stuff.

*Political pressure has begun to ensure that goods like kettles and radios are repairable and not just junked. Recycling and upcycling are increasingly seen as not just desirable but essential.

*Relationships have been sorely tested. Many have been shaken and even shattered. Is this a good or a bad thing?

*We have all been forced into a little more introspection. For some this has been unwelcome, as people sometimes don’t like what they find within. A disaster or an opportunity?

*A lot of people have been faced with the fear of unexpected death. This might be the single most important and enduring psychological result of the pandemic.

Our attitude towards death is what drives a great deal of our behaviour, although most people don’t admit or even realise it. This is the core business of philosophy as a process.

In our u3a Philosophy Group I introduce ideas on the nature of Life and Death that many people may not have some across. Nothing dogmatic and nothing scary! Quite the opposite in fact. Might this interest you?

Chas Griffin Group Leader, Philosophy, May 2021